Can user create multiple charts for a single dataset

Yes, users can create multiple charts of a single dataset.

The dataset is the main source, whereas charts are just for viewing purposes.

Charts help in scheduling the same dataset in different ways i.e bar graphs, and tables. There may be a case when some columns(i.e Shipment Id, First name, Order count) are represented to any specific user, and some different sets of columns(i.e Shipment Id, First Name, Order details) are represented in the different chart to another set of users of a same dataset.

How to create multiple charts for a single dataset?

Follow the steps below to create charts for a single dataset:

  • Go to Data > Datasets
  • Click on the name of a particular report
  • Add a chart name and its dimensions, and metrics.
  • Click on the updated chart.
  • Then in settings, select ‘Alerts and reports’ and create a report, and schedule it accordingly.