Configure Product Store

How to configure your Product Store?

To configure your Product Store in HotWax Commerce, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to OMS:
    • Access the OMS platform via https://{instanceName}
  2. Navigate to Store Settings:
    • Open the Hamburger Menu
    • Go to Settings
    • Select Store
    • Choose the Demo store, as it is the default store configured by OMS and can be modified as needed.
  3. Adjust Configurations:
    • Modify the configurations according to your requirements.

Configurations are as follows:

Edits as needed

  • Product Store Name: Update this to the name of one brand if the company has multiple brands.
  • Currency: Fetch it from the organization’s Google form, usually USD.
  • Auto Approve Order: Set to Y or N based on whether auto-approval of orders needs to be enabled or disabled.
  • Auto Cancel Days: Enter the number of days after which an unallocated order should be auto-canceled.
  • Sales Order ID Prefix: Check with the retailer for a preference to help visually separate orders.
  • Allow Split: Set to Y or N based on whether order splitting is allowed.
  • Product Identifier: Choose which identification of a product to use as its primary internalName.
  • External ID: The ID of the store in the external system, generally a subsidiary in ERPs.

Do not edit these fields

  • Reserve Inventory: Should remain at its default value of Y.
  • Enable Brokering: Should always be maintained at its default value of Y.
  • Explode Order Items: The default value is “Y”, indicating that it is enabled and should not be changed.
  • External ID: Recommended to leave it blank unless necessary.

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