HotWax Shopify Integration - Placeholder Product

The job for newly created products and orders run in every 15 minutes but in the case when the order is downloaded before the product. HC makes a placeholder product against that order just with the product ID. I want to know, how and when the rest of the product’s details like its weight, tag etc gets filled in the placeholder product?

In this scenario, as soon as the product is imported from the job our system should identify the placeholder product and update all its information.
This would make the product whole and it will not be a ‘placeholder’ product now.

I hope this helps.

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Interesting quesiton!

I think, If we have this scenario then that order is of no use. As for the placeholder product, we don’t have any mapping with Shopify.

When the product will be imported from Shopify then the new product will be created in HC and there will not be any relation with the placeholder product.

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Yes, but if an order like that does come up, the user can manually import the new product data for that placeholder from Shopify or use Job Manager to run the Product Import job immediately