HotWax Shopify Integration - Product Import

When importing products from eComm (Shopify) to HotWax during initial setup, is it possible to exclude one or two product categories, If these products need to be managed outside OMS (For example-Recurated products)?
If yes, How does HotWax differentiate these products?

Is it possible to lay down some technical details here?

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HotWax skip product import based on vendor field, Your can skip product import for multiple vendors as well.

So to answer your question,
You can update shopify product catalog and set the vendor, configure hotwax to exclude these vendors while product import

Please refer [1] for the shopify product vendor fields

[1]Explain Vendor Fields to me - Shopify Community


Thanks for this information.

  1. When a merchant deletes a variant of the product on Shopify, As far as I know, HC de-links that variant from the Parent product but wants to have clarity. Does it also delete that variant after some time or just keep it in its database?

  2. When the product files are imported from Shopify to HC,
    a. Where are the downloaded files kept?
    b. After downloading, Is there a different job to upload the files in HC?
    c. What kind of problems can arise while uploading the file in HC and how does HC handle that?

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