How to configure your Product Store

Setting up a product store can be a little confusing if you don’t know what the settings do. Here is a key to help.

Currency: Fetch it from the organization’s google form. Generally, it is USD.

Weight: Its value can be fetched from Shopify. Usually, it is WT_lb in USA else in other countries it is WT_Kg.

Auto Approve Order: By default, its value is N. Based on the business rules whether auto-approval of orders needs to be enabled or disabled its value can be set from the dropdown as Y or N.

Auto Cancel Days: By default, its value is 0. That indicates no auto cancel days should be applied. If need to pass the value enter the total no. of days for auto-cancellation. Based on that value the order will be auto-canceled.

Sales Order and Purchase Order ID Prefix: Usually we don’t use it but in case we need to pass prefixes of project name such as ODB and PO for sales order and purchase order respectively followed by a system-generated sequence number we can pass the value here.

Allow Split: By default allow split is set to Y. If we need not allow the order split its value can be set from the dropdown as Y or N. Based on this the orders will be split and multiple shipments will be created.

Product Identifier Enum ID: This Enum ID will help the customer to see the Shopify product ID in HotWax.

Product google configuration form that HotWax shares with the client will have a detail from clients about their preferred method to uniquely identify products.