OFBiz endpoint for indexing data to Solr

Service Summary: addDataToSearchIndex

Description: The addDataToSearchIndex service in the OFBiz facilitates the indexing of data into a Solr (Apache Solr) search engine. This service is designed to receive a Solr core name and a list of maps representing documents to be indexed. Each map in the list corresponds to a document, and the service efficiently indexes these documents in bulk.

Input Parameters:

  • coreName (Type: String, Mode: IN, Optional: false): The name of the Solr core where the data will be indexed.

  • data (Type: List<Map<String, Object>>, Mode: IN, Optional: false): A list of maps, where each map represents a document to be indexed in Solr.

  • updateHandler Used internally by solr. Only need to specify to handle special cases. It is a non required parameter.

    “/update/json/docs” - for json files.


  • The service follows best practices for bulk indexing, optimising the performance of data indexing operations.
  • Exception handling ensures that any errors during the indexing process are appropriately handled, preventing service failure.
  • The service supports dynamic indexing of diverse data by accepting a list of maps, allowing flexibility in the types of documents indexed.

Usage Example (Sample Request):

  "coreName": "log_insights", 
  "data": [
            { "field1": "value1", "field2": "value2" },
            { "field1": "value3", "field2": "value4" }