OMS Inventory Sync with Shopify: Two-Way Integration

How does the OMS synchronize inventory with Shopify, and does it support a two-way sync?

The OMS represented by HotWax Commerce, synchronizes inventory with Shopify primarily in a one-way sync from HotWax Commerce to Shopify. It acts as the master of inventory availability, calculating “sellable inventory” and synchronizing this information to Shopify at regular intervals.
The synchronization process includes:

  1. Batch Jobs for Bulk Sync: HotWax Commerce recommends using batch jobs at regular intervals to sync inventory in bulk. This ensures no product updates are missed. The ‘Upload recent inventory change’ job is scheduled to identify products with inventory changes since the last sync, compare inventory counts between HotWax Commerce and Shopify, and upload accurate inventory on Shopify.

  2. Hard Sync: A ‘Hard Sync’ job can be used once a day to synchronize the inventory counts of all products from HotWax Commerce to Shopify, using a similar process to the regular inventory synchronization for products with recent updates.

While the primary direction of inventory synchronization is from HotWax Commerce to Shopify, the system also supports order synchronization from Shopify to HotWax Commerce. This includes downloading all open sales orders, importing newly created orders, and synchronizing order updates such as cancellations, quantity changes, and returns. However, the documentation does not explicitly mention a two-way synchronization for inventory levels, indicating that inventory updates are primarily pushed from HotWax Commerce to Shopify.