OMS Safety Stock and Store Inventory Management

How does the OMS handle safety stock and store inventory management?

The OMS handles safety stock and store inventory management by implementing several key strategies and functionalities:

  1. Safety Stock: In omnichannel retail, safety stock is a strategy used to manage inventory effectively by preventing the commitment of all stock to online orders. When a store’s inventory drops below a set threshold, the remaining stock is reserved exclusively for in-store sales. This approach helps mitigate the risk of accepting orders that cannot be fulfilled due to inventory discrepancies.

  2. Bulk Safety Stock Feature: This feature enhances the ability to manage safety stock for multiple products across various facilities efficiently. Users can set safety stock values for selected products and update these values for existing facilities by uploading a CSV file.

  3. Inventory Changes Based on Rejection Reasons: The OMS makes specific inventory adjustments based on the reasons when order is rejected from the store fulfillment app

  4. Manage Reasons: Retailers can configure which rejection reasons impact inventory at the store, offering flexibility in how specific rejection reasons result in actual changes to the store’s inventory.

By utilizing these strategies and functionalities, the OMS ensures effective safety stock and store inventory management, addressing the challenges of omnichannel retail operations.