Recommended process of product import and product sync


If you want to understand a hassle free process of product import and product sync from Shopify to HotWax Commerce, this post will give you a quick walkthrough of the process and any issue one might encounter with its workaround.


Product import and product sync is a configurable service in HotWax Commerce. It is generally recommended that these services run at a duration of one hour, meaning any new product created or updated in the last hour will be imported into HotWax Commerce when the service runs.
While creating new products in Shopify retailers generally create one product and then for ease they duplicate the product and change the name and SKU to create the new product. This process makes it easy to create a product catalog on Shopify, but it sometimes messes up the import process in HotWax Commerce.

If the product import service runs while the retailer has not completely changed the details of the duplicate product, it imports the product in that status and sometimes corrupts the product associations.

Process to follow:

Product related services can be easily modified and managed through the Job Manager app. If the retailer is creating multiple products on Shopify at the same time, the best way is to disable the service from the Job Manager and then enable it again after the products are created on Shopify. This way the products will only be imported after they have been correctly created.
The Job Manager gives various options to manage a job like ‘Run Now’, ‘Skip Once’, ‘Disable’, change the run time, etc.

The same process can be followed if multiple products have to be updated in Shopify.


Is there a recommended sequence to run create and update jobs in to avoid duplication?

Yes, the user should first run the create product service so that any products created in Shopify are created in HotWax too. After this run the update product service to sync any updates done on any product in Shopify.