Store Manager Dashboard Report

While browsing HotWax Fulfilment reports, I came across the Store Manager Dashboard Report, although the report was comprehensive, there are few parts I couldn’t understand.

Q.1 What is Cut-Off?

Q.2 Why is important to give brokered before/after cutoff data in the report, and how it helps the user? I didn’t find daily brokered order data anywhere in the report.

Q.3 What does starting column in the report represent? Is it the daily orders when the store is open? If yes, what kind of orders do we find here, yesterday’s orders which are not fulfilled?

Hi Dhiraj,

It’s too short to answer, it’d be good if you post some more details.


I have made the changes please check

The cutoff time is helpful for retailers to monitor store performance against a daily timeline. Often times, orders that are brokered to a store for fulfillment after the cutoff are not tallied against their performance if they are not shipped. The thought process is that the store or fulfillment location doesn’t have a fair amount of time to ship an order if it arrives after a cutoff mark.

They cutoff time is entirely managed in the report and has no impact on brokering or customer facing information

  1. Yes

This is really helpful. Thanks